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In the Rain of Bird Droppings
by Freies Theater Bozen

Homage to Heiner Muller (On the 25th anniversary of the death)

A 3-minute trailer, entitled IN THE RAIN OF BIRD DROPPINGS with texts and poems by Heiner Muller. The focus is on the poem Death of Theatre, which reflects theatre in Corona times and the splendor and misery of the theatre: actors and audience, roles and applause, futility, and deadliness.
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Congratulatory Solo Theatre Performance Video
by Azərbaycan Teatr Xadimləri İttifaqı
Union of Theatre Workers of Azerbaijan
Belgique Flandre
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Nachtschade: Aubergine
by Muziektheater Transparant

Claron McFadden goes in search of the common roots of our various cultures by focusing on one of the most iconic ingredients on the culinary scene: the aubergine.

Despite the huge migration it has lived through, this age-old fruit from the nightshade family has always managed to adapt itself without losing its striking identity. McFadden follows this journey back to its origins: from the West via the Mediterranean region.

Nightshade: Aubergine let the audience experience the rich aubergine cuisine combined with travel stories, a documentary film and live music with influences from many cultures.
Belgique Wallonie
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Journey through the Ages
On a theatre stage, how can children from a nursery school meet the residents of the senior housing? How do you perceive the elderly when you are a child?

A dance-theatre workshop with the objective of developing self-knowledge, expression through movement and inspiration, as well as empathy, through music.

The idea was to guide the child in his personal expression to meet the elderly.
Burkina Faso
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Adapted from the book Le Pagne Noir by Bernard B. DADIE
Directed by BENO SANVEE
Performed by the students of Ecole Supérieure de Théâtre Jean-Pièrre Guingané / CFRAV 2018-2021.

This is the story of a little girl who lost her mother on the day she was born. Her life became hell when her father decided to remarry. Her stepmother's degree of wickedness was so immense that she asked the girl to wash a black loincloth until it turned snow-white.
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Compilation video of Chinese Theatre Repertoire
by Chinese Theatre Association

Chinese Traditional Opera: Xiqu
Peking Opera The Monkey King, China National Peking Opera Company
Peking Opera Legend of the White Snake
Peking Opera Harmony Through a Royal Marriage
Kunqu Opera The Peony Pavilion (Youth Edition), Suzhou Kunqu Opera Theatre
Kunqu Opera Tang Xianzu and his “Four Dreams in the Camellia Hall”, The Northern Kunqu Opera Theatre
Kunqu Opera A Dream of Red Mansions
Birthday Celebration by Five Daughters
Time-honoured Chinese Legends by Little Talents of Xiqu

Drama The Thunderstorm, Fujian People’s Art Centre
Masterpiece of Chinese Playwriter Cao Yu Drama The Dreamer, Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre
Inspired by William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Tang Xianzu’s The Peony Pavilion

Dance Drama Crested Ibises, Shanghai Dance Theatre
Crested Ibises is a beautiful and precious bird symbolizing happiness and good luck. It is a story about man and birds, a story about birds and their environment.
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Compilation video of Colombian Contemporary Theatre Repertoire

Canción para Dueto (Physical Theatre), directed by Jimmy Rangel
Marquesa del Barrio Obrero, directed by Juan Carlos Osorio, Laboratorio Teatral del Pacifico
Homo Homini Lupus, directed by Bernardo Rey, Teatro Cenit
La Rueda, directed by Pawel Nowicki, Klub Witek Actores en Compania
Kilele, directed by Fernando Montes, Teatro Varasanta
Huir (Voices of Migration), directed by Juan Carlos Osorio, Laboratorio Teatral del Pacifico
El Bosque sobre el Bosque, directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Puche & Ma Zhenghong, Fundacion Orquesta Sinfonica de Bogota FOSBO / Universidad Del Valle
République du Congo
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An excerpt from the play Tout ou rien (All or Nothing) by Yvon
Wilfride Lewa-Let Mandah
Directed by Autopsie Theatre

Mr. All, Mr. Nothing and Mrs. Or meet by chance. Sometimes they clash, sometimes they help each other, arguing from morning till night on the hot topics of everyday life. Discovering the secret of living together, they invite the inhabitants of Earth to follow their footsteps and experience happiness as on the planet Nament.
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By Renate Keerd
Performed by Getter Meresmaa, Steffi Pähn, Anti Kobin, Sander Roosimagi

YLT is a metaphysical journey through the strains of one’s inner sea. It is a production for everyone who enjoys absurdly spectacular and illogically fantastical theatre. Renate Keerd’s productions speak of life in her own unique way - offering the audience moments of recognition, tickling their perception spectrum, and playing with irony, humour, and the absurdity of life.
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11.11 | On My Way
Performed by Tata Angola Tavdishvili
Credit: Gio Mkheidze

“The inner states and things that boil in me every day I want to share with others. That’s how On My Way was created.” - Tata Angola Tavdishvili
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Theater der Lüfte
by Thalia Theater

“If it’s not possible on the ground of earth, we play from now on in the skies!”
— Thalia Theater Hamburg in response to the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Angels and other spirits of the air have always been the cybernetic messengers between heaven and earth. Humans have no talent to be air spirits or angels. Art does. And with it: the artists.
Seldom has the dream of flying and disappearing, of light and hope, of poetry, dance and music been more understandable than right now.

For serval reasons theatre has been banned again and again from live stages through thousands of years of history and came back every time.
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Projects to Educate the Protocols of Covid-19 and its Dangers

In this era of Covid-19, ITI Ghana in collaboration with the Community Youth Cultural Centre, National Commission on Culture and the Covid-19 Trust Fund crafted sensitization projects to educate selected communities about protocols of Covid-19 and its dangers.

4 communities have been educated and entertained through puppetry, theatre for development, and dance.

Covid-19 visited as the greatest public health crisis and a major challenge to the creative industry where theatres and artistic spaces were closed. This however did not deter the Ghana team from doing what we do best which is to entertain and educate our fans.

One of our celebrated young actors, Clemento Saurez who has won the hearts of Ghanaians with his sense of humour kept laughter on our faces through his virtual skits.
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Except You Jerusalem
by Modern Theater Troupe
A physical theatre play directed by Dr. Majd Al Qasas, produced by Modern Theater Troupe.
République de Corée
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Korean Artistic Performance Highlights

Nameless Flowers Fall by Wind, directed by Chyrim Choi, Theatre Jayu | Theatre Olympics 2019
A Woman Who Wants to Marry, directed by Kyundhwa Ha, Forever Art Company | Cairo Monodrama Festival 2021
Ssireum Delegation, directed by Jinman Kim, Theatre Ensemble | World Duo Performing Arts Festival 2019
Maid’s Dream, directed by Jeong-min Jo, Creation Group LAF | 2020 Gyung-ui Line Forest Festival
Laughing Neckless Women feat. the legend of binary, directed by Yveyi Yi, Yvua Arts | 2020 Seoul Performing Arts UP Project
A Time When We Didn’t Know Each Other, based on Peter Hatk’s play, directed by Ara Kim
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Dreams of Hamlet
Author: Nina Mazur
Actor & Director: Mentor Zymberaj

From the afterlife, Hamlet asks himself: was he right or not? Maybe, everything could be different, if he did not seek revenge for the murder of his father? Or everything should be like it was? To be as everyone, or not to be as everyone?...
—— Nina Mazur

The philosophy of Hamlet's dilemma continues also in eternity...this dilemma is traversed through endless labyrinths of dilemmas!...
—— Mentor Zymberaj
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Marriage (PRECĪBAS in Latvian)
by Liepāja Theatre
Directed by Sergey Zemlyansky

Marriage is a two-act play by the Russian writer Nikolai Gogol, which was written in 1832 and first published in 1842.
This comedy in two acts is - as Nikolai Gogol himself said – 'quite an incredible event'. The well-known story talks about Agafya, a young - yet already 28-year-old woman who has not yet found the perfect spouse. A matchmaker takes on the task, promising her hand to someone named Podkolyosin. The matchmaker, however, has a bent for business so she sends Agafya several other suitors at the same time...
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Jamás dejaré de mirar el mar (I Will Never Stop Looking at the Sea in English)
by Literateatro
Author and Director: Mercedes Huerta

I will never stop looking at the sea, is a dialogue for a tango. Full of loneliness, anguish, encounters and disagreement, through two other characters charged with melancholy.

The genius of Piazzolla accompanies, the music and the characters go hand in hand, rescuing them for an instant from death, who inevitably caresses in solitude and silence. Only there, in the intimacy of the scene, through the doors of the senses, the characters provoke listen and sing their notes that appear to rescue them from the memory there stored in the hollow, inside, of what precisely represents the forgetfulness and the danger of existing from which we flee, like lost birds ...
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Theatre Brings Unity and Peace to Humanity

Theatre is the most wonderful means of sharing our unique forms of art and culture. Moreover, it reveals the true nature of humans – each play and each performance help us to be a human regardless of its form and origin. Mongolia may seem so far away - in the middle of nowhere as many say - and its population may seem insignificant. However, through the wonderful and rich creations of theatrical works we bring cultures from distant lands closer to our people. The stories we tell whether they are of our time or of the past are the same stories told everywhere in the world in theatres. Long live the theatre!
Macédoine du Nord
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Dispersive Dramatics in Skopje (Theatre in the Creative Industries)
Episode: inQUIZition
by Mia Nikoloska

Creator, producer, visual dramaturge: Apostolova Baskar
Director: Tea Begovska
Actor: Leon Ristov
Video: Mihailo Apostolov
Photo: Vesna A. Brishkoska
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Congratulatory Video
The World Theatre Day Celebration is a wonderful global programme of connectivity amidst the isolations of the pandemic where we face a triple crisis of health, economic depression, and climate catastrophe.

However, our artists are not restricted with their imagination, with their flexibility, with their innovation, in order to provide a continuing expression of empowerment and healing during this lockdown.
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Nobody meets Nobody
by The Grotowski Institute

A fragment of performance by Aleksandra Kugacz-Semerci and Mertcan Semerci
Filmed in December 2020

Two people living as if traveling in a space without direction, without time, are locked in their home, as in a dark game room. They can't meet each other, they can't leave.
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By Bashkir State Academic Drama Theatre

Amelya based on the novel by N. Krashenitnikov.
The story is about a Bashkir girl, taken up by a widowed noblewoman and brought up in the best Russian traditions.

Amelya leaves the institute, a wealthy groom and seemingly successful life. For what?
The call of the steppes, the call of your people, your ancestors, this is finding real yourself. Who are you? - the main question of our performance.
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Unique Female Experience, Period
by Virginia Cassina in collaboration with Accademia Teatro Dimitri

Today we present the graduation work of Virginia Cassina, Magnolia class. With irony and elegance, she deals with an unusual topic. Through the staging of three stories featuring three girls coming from different parts of the world and different cultures, the show aims to thematize the taboo of menstruation.
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HaMapah/The Map Dance-on-Film
Performed by Adam McKinney

DNAWORKS is adapting our dance-theatre production HaMapah/The Map, which has toured the world since 2010, into a dance-on-film in order to engage more audiences. Cinematographer Laura Bustillos Jaquez has travelled with Adam and Daniel to: Benin, West Africa; Chicago, Illinois; Forrest City, Arkansas; Harlowton and Lewistown, Montana; Krakow and Siedlanka, Poland; and St. Louis, Missouri. In HaMapah/ The Map Dance-on-Film, Adam dances in the ancestral locations referenced in HaMapah/The Map. As part of the residencies in these cities, we have led workshops, created new work with local dancers, and created happenings with residents.